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Important Game Schedule Change for Monday, December 11

Monday night's Gold Team game is canceled, but our Red Team will still play Dawson Christian at 5:15

 There is no such thing as an underachieving child… Only an unmotivated one.

The Turning Point.  Oak Hill Academy is a small, co-ed, college preparatory boarding school for students seeking growth.

Since 1878, Oak Hill Academy has transformed the lives of hundreds of unmotivated students. In the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, our small, co-ed, college preparatory boarding school combines structure with self-reliance, discipline with discovery, and a firm hand with a warm heart. Our curriculum challenges the brightest students and encourages those who are unmotivated or experiencing difficulty in their current school setting. Our structured and relational environment is the opportunity for students to redefine themselves in very positive ways. Attending Oak Hill is a turning point.

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“Where can I find a school that will enable my child to realize his/her untapped potential?   You need a turning point for your child. You have found Oak Hill Academy.”

Michael D. Groves, Ph.D


  • College Acceptance for our Graduating Seniors 95%
  • Academic Staff With Advanced Degrees 71%
  • Upper-Classmen Taking Dual College Credit or AP Classes 39%

“Oak Hill became my turning point where I made my choice to take a better path for my future. Oak Hill gave me a new beginning, a sense of direction, and instilled a desire and commitment to succeed.”

Andja I.

B.S. Criminal Justice, Iona College ’12

“At Oak Hill, I began to see the bigger picture of my future and I gained the confidence to go after that image of my future.   Boarding school was tough because I was out of my comfort zone, but once I let my wall down and let people in they helped me a lot with my success. In the end, boarding school tested my patience, but it also made me see the importance in my everyday actions.”

Cierra T.

Radford University ’19, Oak Hill Academy Class of 2015

“Oak Hill Academy helped me grow and find my potential. I found myself at Oak Hill and that, in my opinion, is how high school should be.”

Chris B.

High Point Univ. ’19, Oak Hill Academy Class of 2015

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  • Student Information

We just sent our daughter to OHA this year. So far we have been extremely impressed with the care and concern they have shown. She is so happy and is already calling it home. She is involved in lots of activities and her grades are the best they have been in years. The staff is great at communication and my husband and I feel very included and informed. They stay on top of her grades before they fall and provide the help she needs. The environment is safe, structured and nurturing. I attended boarding school when I was a teen and I did my research. I do not feel we could have found a better place for our daughter. She is already thanking us for allowing her to experience the “The Hill.”

OHA Parent

Class of 2014

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Oak Hill Academy
2635 Oak Hill Road
Mouth of Wilson, Virginia 24363-3004
Ph (276) 579 2619


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