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Oak Hill Academy’s mission to offer a “Turning Point” opportunity means that many of our most successful students begin through “rolling admissions.”  Throughout the first several weeks of the school year and beyond, space is held intentionally so that we can still consider students for whom we are a good fit. Perhaps your student has begun the year (in their same school environment) with great intentions to make significant changes–academically, socially, emotionally, or even spiritually–but he or she is finding that those changes are harder to make than anticipated.  Many parents who find their student in this situation think they have limited options, and they brace themselves for another uphill school year. In cases like this, it is often necessary to change the environment and find a new approach to school in order to effect significant personal growth.  As one of few boarding schools with rolling admission, Oak Hill Academy offers an option to take that new approach, and I invite you to contact us to discuss your student and what we do well here.

What is considered a “good fit” at Oak Hill Academy from an admission perspective?  Simply put, students who recognize a need for personal and/or academic growth do very well here.  If students see the opportunity a fresh start gives them–to redefine themselves in ways that make them feel more competent, positive about their futures, and proud about themselves–they typically do very well here.  Is it easy?  No.  But with our structured, nurturing approach, many students find it easier to take care of business and work harder and more consistently than ever before–because they can see the results tangibly.  Small class sizes mean more engagement, but it also means a higher level of accountability: a student can’t “hide” in a class of 10-12 students.  Individual attention and a faculty that takes a personalized approach give a student a sense of support that is a game changer.

Rolling admission is a long-held practice at Oak Hill Academy.  We understand that there are circumstances that call for a mid-stream change in strategy. This means our teachers are experienced at meeting students where they are and moving them forward.  It also means that our students, each of whom was the “new kid” at one time, relate very well to the challenges of making a change during the school year, and they are welcoming and supportive, making the transition less socially-intimidating than you might imagine.

If you have determined that the school year has not gotten off to the positive start you and your student hoped for, it is a good time to consider Oak Hill Academy for a new, and proven, approach.  You may even have inquired in the past and want to revisit the possibilities.  

We welcome a call or email in the Admission Department at this time of the year.  Some of our greatest success stories began this way.

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