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Today’s Admission Blog post is inspired by many recently asked questions about our campus.  Many people want to know what a 150-student campus looks like.  I know from the comments on tours that we are much bigger, and have many more buildings than most expect to see.  With campus empty during Spring Break, and a little time on my hands, I decided to take a golf cart and show prospective families a bit of our campus. Oak Hill Academy is a 240-acre campus, so this video just highlights the center part of campus–our Administration Building and Dining Hall, the Chapel, Alumni Campus Store and on out to the soccer field.

For generations of alumni, this small but scenic campus has been a part of their success story.  Students and families seeking a new approach for their students choose Oak Hill Academy’s emphasis on academic and personal growth to change their trajectory and to open options to college.  To schedule a full tour of campus, or to discuss Oak Hill Academy as a fit for your student, please contact the Admission Office at  or (276) 579-2619.  Tours are conducted throughout the Spring for individual families on an appointment basis.