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In 1878, the congregation of Young’s Chapel Baptist Church in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia, started a school.  Some 138 years later, Oak Hill Academy carries on the mission to provide a structured, Christian-based education for personal and academic growth here in the Grayson Highlands, a particularly scenic portion of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southwest Virginia.  We are very proud of our heritage and our development over the years into a school that provides these opportunities and opening doors to college success to students from more than 20 countries and 23 states this year–all the while staying true to the mission of the school.

Perhaps inspired by “Throwback Thursday,” I want to share with you today the Ussery Archives Room, in the lower level of the Rev. J.F. Fletcher Chapel on our campus.  In this space, we honor the past and remind ourselves of our place in the scheme of a long tradition.  The Archives Room is a rather formal, well-appointed, multi-use space.  Various campus groups from Leadership, to the Honor Court, to the Board of Trustees use this space to meet.  It is also home to the Admission Department and most tours start here to get a sense of this history.

Please enjoy this admittedly lengthy video (I’m a history teacher by trade) as I take a walk through the years in the Ussery Archives Room to share some of the history of Oak Hill Academy.

If you are considering a boarding school option for your student and are looking for a boarding school with a long tradition of helping students with academic, personal and spiritual growth, I encourage you to contact the Admission Department at or (276) 579-2619 to discuss your goals for your student and the possibility that Oak Hill Academy is a good boarding school fit.