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What does Oak Hill Academy boarding school have in common with ice cream trucks? Diversity.

Each day, after school, our Alumni Campus Store opens and a lot of clubs and activities are happening.  Our kids also have personal business like checking their mail, attending SAT prep class, and checking in with teachers.  It’s a busy time.  But it is also a friendly, social time.  The conversation on the school store deck had turned to, of all things, the ice cream trucks of our childhood (I’m sure it had a lot to do with the weather turning decidedly warm and tons of ice cream being purchased from our store).  Sensing an opportunity for our kids to show their personality and some light-heartedness, I grabbed my iPhone and started filming.  Not everything we do at Oak Hill Academy is as serious as SAT prep class!

Oak Hill honors “Student of the Week”

Congratulations to Mikun A., OHA’s newest Student of the Week!

Mikun was nominated with the following recommendation:

“Mikun possesses a mature attitude toward his studies; he challenges himself with each assignment and participates daily with insightful comments in class. He demonstrates responsibility by keeping up with grades while participating in several extra-curriculars such as soccer, leadership, debate, social issues forum, and the junior class project.”

For this honor, the Principal’s Office regularly solicits nominations from faculty and staff of students who have made notable contributions to Oak Hill Academy campus life.

OHA National Honor Society inducts eight

Oak Hill Academy inducted eight new members into its chapter of the National Honor Society today. Sponsors Mrs. Richardson and Mr. Hebold spoke about the qualifications necessary to become a member. Current members Chris and Oliver highlighted the four pillars of the organization: Scholarship, Character, Leadership and Service. The eight students inducted were Nahum, Mikun, Carritah, Aidan, Alex, Bolu, Josh and Camden. Congratulations!

Oak Hill Academy’s Educational Tour of Spain

A contingent of travelers from Oak Hill Academy spent part of Spring Break on an educational tour of Spain. The journey took seven students and two faculty member chaperones to six cities. Kudos to our student adventurers for taking advantage of this opportunity to broaden their experience with international travel!

Thanks to Mr. Moseley for organizing the trip, and to Ms. Tobin and Mr. Moseley for accompanying the group.

Read more about the trip here.

What are Classrooms Like at Small Boarding School Oak Hill Academy in Virginia?

In response to continuous inquiries into what makes up a typical day at Oak Hill Academy, we are producing some short videos highlighting various parts of the school day.  Earlier, you saw how we begin the day together heading into homeroom in the Chapel.  Today, I wanted to share with you our classrooms and how those look and feel.  I grabbed my video equipment and spent, literally 15 minutes, popping into various classrooms to capture a slice of the experience of being in our school building.  The results are a video that, while not dramatically shot, shows an honest, real look at our school day on The Hill.

Our teachers treat their small classrooms as their living rooms.  Through this video, you may be able to see the personalities and teaching styles with which our students engage each day.  You are invited to take a walk with me through the English Academic Building, on the campus of Oak Hill Academy, in the small Blue Ridge Mountain town of Mouth of Wilson, Virginia.  Something special is happening here.

Contact Information

Oak Hill Academy
2635 Oak Hill Rd.
Mouth of Wilson, Virginia 24363

Phone Number  276-579-2619

Administrative Office Fax Number  276-579-4722

Academic Office Fax Number  276-579-2618

Ms. Cyndie Richardson

Director of Student Affairs
Mr. Henry Crede

Director of Girls’ Resident Life
Mrs. Katherine Crede

Director of Boys’ Resident Life
Mr. Gary Crede

Director of Financial Affairs
Mrs. Rhonda Bowen

Student Expense Accounts
Mrs. Paula Phelps

Student Tuition Accounts
Mrs. Laura Phipps

Transportation Coordinator
Mrs. Regina Cooper

Director of Counseling
Mrs. Joy Groves

Academy Nurse
Mrs. Lynne Ham
Mrs. Betsy Anders

For additional contact info., visit the Faculty & Staff Directory.