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Alumni Update: George Pelton ’67 Honored as Trustee Emeritus in Oak Hill Academy Assembly

Today’s Alumni Update is a guest blog by Oak Hill Academy President, Michael D. Groves.  We recently had a tremendous opportunity for our student body to hear from someone for whom Oak Hill Academy provided a Turning Point.  It was powerful for them to realize that they are part of Oak Hill Academy’s long history and are part of such an important, effective, and life- changing tradition and mission!  We were so happy to have Mr. Pelton and his wife, Leslie (’67), on campus.  Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Pelton met as students at Oak Hill Academy!

On stage, from l to r:  Coach Steve Smith, Board Chair Mr. Carl Rosberg, Mr. George Pelton, Rev. Doug Turnmire, and Dr. Michael Groves


“In May of 2017, the Oak Hill Academy Board of Trustees nominated Oak Hill Academy alumnus George R. Pelton to be honored as Trustee Emeritus.  The nomination was received and passed unanimously.  The designation of Trustee Emeritus is an honorary title conveyed by a governing board upon a former trustee of an institution to recognize exemplary service. And George R. Pelton, OHA Class of 1967, certainly qualifies.

Mr. Pelton is an alumnus who has served his alma mater with distinction as a member of our Board of Trustees for many years.  And, he is likely one of our school’s most successful alumni—and, given the names adorning the wall of Turner Gymnasium, that is truly saying something!  A successful businessman who operates a large chain of car dealerships throughout Virginia (he is founding CEO of First Team Auto), George was a student at Oak Hill Academy from 1965-1967.

A glance at the yearbook reveals a sincere, serious-looking young man; George was very involved; and, yes, he did play basketball here (“short shorts” era!).  He was also a recipient of a Senior Accolade.  Mr. Pelton, was it “Most Studious?” (no). Was it “Most Athletic?” (no).  Given that he is clearly one of our most successful alumni—it is a bit ironic that he was not selected as most likely to succeed.  George Pelton was voted by his peers as … “Best Dressed.”

Mr. Pelton has created and funded a scholarship at Oak Hill in memory of his late son Geoffrey, who was killed by a drunk driver in 1993. He and his company are very involved and active in his Roanoke community, providing televised public service announcements—speaking out against drunk driving and texting while driving.  George is also supportive of OHA by generously providing for the usage of vehicles from his dealerships, by contributing financially to our Annual fund, and—of course, supporting the Geoffrey Pelton Memorial Fund.”

Mr. Pelton addresses the assembly

Upon receipt of the plaque and official Oak Hill Academy “Jordan Brand” Jersey, Mr. Pelton addressed the gathering.  He expressed appreciation for the honor and shared with the student body that he recalls vividly beginning his tenure on “The Hill” as a student.  He needed structure and a place where he could be surrounded by people “who would not allow him to settle for less than who he should be.”  He admitted that although there were many times he struggled as a student, “Oak Hill eventually won, and look where I am today.” A Turning Point, indeed.

Mr. and Mrs. Pelton were presented with an Oak Hill Jersey

This year’s first edition of OHA’s student newspaper is here!

Get up to speed on the happenings on the hill, and the people and events that make our boarding high school unique. This issue of Word of Mouth includes profiles of new staff, accounts of Orientation and the campus-wide Welcome Picnic, descriptions of special interest clubs, a sports round-up and an account of the Class of 2018’s “High Gravity Adventures,” all with accompanying photos. And if you have ever wondered what Oak Hill Academy’s Honor Court is all about, here’s the scoop–the who, the how, and the why. Congratulations to the students and sponsors who worked on this school year’s inaugural Word of Mouth. Enjoy!

Meet Oak Hill Academy’s new Student of the Week!

Our congratulations to Mikun A.!

Mikun is a senior from Maryland in his second year at Oak Hill Academy. He was nominated for “Student of the Week” distinction with the following statements: “Mikun is an exceptional student.  He works hard both in and out of the classroom to be a leader, and to set the standard for the rest of his class.  His behavior is excellent and the quality of his work is top notch.” Another recommendation described Mikun as “a student who models our core values, not just in words, but in actions.”

Students are regularly nominated and voted on by the faculty and staff for making notable contributions to Oak Hill Academy campus life.


Let’s Hear it for the OHA Student of the Week!

The Principal’s Office is pleased to congratulate Sven P., who was chosen by the faculty and staff as Oak Hill Academy’s first “Student of the Week” for 2017-18.

Sven is a senior student from Norfolk, Virginia, in his second year at Oak Hill. Sven was nominated for Student of the Week honors with the following recommendation: “Sven returned to OHA for his senior year with a great outlook, determined to perform well academically in order to improve his acceptance opportunities at quality universities. He has taken a leadership role with Honor Court, and has spoken publicly to the school community on behalf of the advisory program.”

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