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One of the most common themes I encounter in admission inquiries is a desire to make a change.  As Oak Hill Academy’s position in the college prep boarding school world is to offer a unique opportunity for a “Turning Point,” this is the kind of inquiry I consider a fit for our mission.  This change in direction often involves academic performance, but it can also be a need for personal growth.  Oak Hill Academy’s small, structured environment means that there is a relational component here that may be missing in a student’s current school setting.  These positive relationships are the catalyst for growth.

Small class sizes means that our teachers know their students–their strengths and relative weaknesses.  In small classes, we address learning styles, and there is greater opportunity to individualize our approach to teaching and motivating.  The small school population means that peer relationships are strong, and that is often the “x-factor” in helping students find their motivation.  In a structured routine, our students emphasize to each other the opportunities to get organized, to stay on top of things, and to be proud of the improvements they make.  The abundance of support and extra help opportunities (such as 8th period tutorials) assist our students in following through on their goals for themselves.

Why do we emphasize the phrase “The Turning Point?”  Because it is one of the key elements our students identify as part of their Oak Hill Academy experience.  A short few years ago, our student leadership group was challenged to develop four core values that define their experience at OHA.  “Transformation” topped the list. This is the most important aspect of our calling as a school, as voiced in our Mission Statement:

Oak Hill Academy is a coeducational, Baptist affiliated, boarding/day school committed to excellence in education and adolescent development in a non-military setting.  The mission of Oak Hill Academy is to offer a safe, secure, nurturing environment for girls and boys needing a change in school, peer, community, or family relationships.  Oak Hill provides a structured college-preparatory program to students in grades 8-12.  Our curriculum challenges the brightest student and encourages those who are unmotivated, who are underachieving, or who are experiencing difficulties in their school setting.

As families are reviewing the course of the current school year, now is the time many are considering a need for a change in direction.  I invite you to take a closer look at Oak Hill Academy as a potential good boarding school fit to help that happen.  We are currently considering applicants for both our summer session and the upcoming Fall enrollment.  Please contact the Oak Hill Academy Admission Department at  or call (276) 579-2619.